P Zero Experience, supercar and enthusiasts for the Pirelli track day

164 participants with over 100 sports cars. Carry out more than 250 road or track test drives

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P Zero Experience, supercar and enthusiasts for the Pirelli track day

You never change a winning team: after the success of its debut in 2018, Pirelli's expert team returned to the 15 turns and breathtaking straights – in that you hold your breath because you're going so fast – of the Mugello Circuit with a consolidated format for the second Italian edition of the P Zero Experience, entertaining speed lovers with the assistance of a company that has plenty of experience in the world of motor sport.

This year saw 164 participants at the P Zero Experience at Mugello, where they had the chance to admire more than 100 of the most sought-after supercars in the world and carry out more than 250 test drives on both road and track. After the Saturday reserved for Porsche drivers, the multi-brand day on Sunday saw the involvement of Pagani, McLaren, Dallara, Lamborghini, Audi and AMG. A Porsche 911 (992) was on display on Saturday, while on Sunday it was the turn of a new electric supercar, the Pininfarina Battista.

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The P Zero Experience began ten years ago in France, and is more than a chance to experience the thrills of the track. It is an event designed to provide enthusiasts and collectors with a full immersion in the world of Pirelli. It takes place on circuits normally reserved for champions of car and motorbike racing, in the same locations that function as an open-air laboratory for testing Pirelli products. Here, participants have the chance to get to know Pirelli's prestige strategy and discover all the different ways in which that strategy becomes reality.

The event began on Saturday 15 June with a day completely dedicated to Porsche, with around 60 members taking part from a Porsche club belonging to the Italian Porsche Club Federation. They enjoyed an open pit-lane for the entire day, assistance from Pirelli technicians and five-star hospitality. Sunday involved all of Pirelli's best premium and prestige brand partners. The day began with a short briefing to help the participants understand how to get the most out of the experience, with analysis of the circuit and an explanation of how to exploit the full potential of all the available tools, beginning with the tyres. 

Then, theory was put into practice: there were two driving sessions with an open pit-lane, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The visitors were finally able to unleash the thousands of horse power hidden under the bodywork of the supercars present at the event, some of which belonged to the clients themselves, others which were made available by the prestige car manufacturers. The lounge set up for the participants' relaxation time was enhanced with Pirelli Design products (including high-end watches from Roger Dubuis, the day's partner), materials provided by the Fondazione Pirelli and images taken from the Pirelli Calendar, as well as a selection of the most valuable and high-performance sports tyres.

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