Beauty starts at the hands of Pirelli

In the U.S. for the project Annual Report 2021 - “A Beautiful place”, we partnered with renowned Atlanta artist Lisette Correa to create a special mural at the local Pirelli factory in Rome, Georgia

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Beauty starts at the hands of Pirelli

Creativity and craftsmanship are not bound to any concrete (or asphalt) ideals. From canvas to concrete walls to the rubber tree, our imaginations can unlock the beauty where others see the mundane. But how does the imagination manifest in the real world? Through our hands.

Creation made with the hands has found a new centrality, just like the know-how of artisans. And it is the factory space that offers the synthesis of this ancient but at the same time very new way of creating.

A sensitivity that gives life to perfect objects and where time is often that of the human being and his ability to give life to beautiful things.

In this sense, the factory can be a place capable of generating beauty, of being a place of inspiration not only to create objects, but also art, culture, inspiration in turn.

To underline this connection, we asked artists to visit some of our production plants in  China, the United States, Romania, Brazil and Italy and allow themselves to be inspired by the architecture, the technology, the people and the sounds they encountered to create their works, made of material and genius. Their work are now part of the Pirelli 2021 Annual Report.

In the U.S. we partnered with renowned Atlanta artist Lisette Correa – AKA Arrrtaddict – to create a special mural at the local Pirelli factory in Rome, Georgia.

Calling the ATL her home for the last four years, Lisette has made a name for herself in the region as a talented visual artist across a variety of mediums from streetwear to graffiti art to more traditional wall and canvas paintings. Her rich history and multicultural influences made her an easy choice for such a piece.


The mural highlights the special relationship that’s blossomed over two decades between Pirelli and the Rome community. More than that, though, the mural shines a light on Pirelli’s leadership in sustainability efforts, the ongoing relationship with indigenous populations surrounding rubber sourcing locations, and the beauty of the nature that tires come from.

Indigenous people in particular play a significant role in much of Lisette’s art, with this mural being no different. Considering her Puerto Rican heritage, and the indigenous Taino roots that the island’s residents hold close to their hearts and national identity, Lisette took into consideration the communities that play a vital role in Pirelli’s supply chain. Pirelli’s caretaker mentality for their environment, as well as the unwavering integrity displayed in our sourcing practices was a source of joyful inspiration for Lisette as she put paint to the walls of the factory.

Peeling back the layers of Lisettes’s mural, the hands-on and intimate nature of tiremaking also resonated with her and factored into the ideation process for the project as a whole; indeed the mural’s name is “The journey starts at the hands of Pirelli”.

“I wanted to show that the process of creating a tire with Pirelli starts and ends with hands,” said Lisette. From the process of extracting rubber in Southeast Asia to putting a P Zero on a wheel, tires and their materials are exchanged across a multitude of hands with unique and compelling backstories, as well as their own individual creative ideas to motivate them. Following Lisette’s initial visit to the Rome plant, it was immediately apparent to her the love and care motivating the people that are part of a tire’s production journey.

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On the walls and floor of a spacious hallway within the facility, Lisette went to work bringing abundant colors and stunning imagery that would elicit feelings of wonder and pride for both Pirelli employees and Rome residents. Black tire marks snake across all the surfaces of the hall, overlapping and intertwining with vibrant imagery of Rome’s architecture and the people behind Pirelli’s tiremaking operation. The leaves of the rubber tree are prominently displayed throughout the mural, both on the walls, and along the ground, invoking a sense of natural charm in a space that otherwise lacks earthiness.

The mural goes above and beyond in showcasing how this factory, in this Georgia town, can create limitless beauty and is itself, A Beautiful Place.

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